A comparison of the characteristics of three studies conducted by different researchers

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3. Program and comparison group members are likely to be similar in motivation – e.g., because the study uses an eligibility “cutoff” to form the two groups. Cutoff-based studies – also called “regression -discontinuity” studies – are an example of a comparison-group design in which the two groups are likely to have similar motivation.

different sample characteristics, it is difficult to discern whether or not the lack of consistency across studies reflects different patterns of gang participation in different places (that is, different types of youth join street gangs) or represents methodological.

A web-based survey was conducted to investigate the relationships between adopters and the dogs they adopted from three types of rescue groups/organizations: humane societies, greyhound rescues, and pit bull rescues.

The dog selected to adopt can vary for many reasons, one of which is breed preference. This study found dog adopters from the three rescues differ according to different owner. Comparing Simulation Output Accuracy of Discrete Event and Agent Based Models: A Quantitative Approach have conducted a quantitative comparison between DES and ABS model characteristics in the field of transportation.

They found that researchers have focused on model characteristics. 3.

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CASE STUDY FIELDSWORK In order to achieve our aim. A Comparison of the Microbial Production and Combustion Characteristics of Three Alcohol Biofuels: Ethanol, 1-Butanol, and 1-Octanol Florian Kremer, 1 Lars M.

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Blank, 2 Patrik R. Jones. These studies were conducted by three different research groups with overlapping objectives. These data sets are preliminary but are The Urban-Harder study examined participant and program characteristics.

These researchers interviewed staff at all the programs and observed activity at each location to in the three different studies.

A comparison of the characteristics of three studies conducted by different researchers
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