A discussion on a new hunting method from the coasts of japans islands called drive hunting

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The Faroe Islands Pilot-Whale Hunt

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Early Japan

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This practice ended in. The Faroese whale hunt, called the grindadráp or grind, is more than 1, years old, dating to the first settlement of the islands by Vikings in about CE. It is a mark of the hunt’s traditional character that the methods used to trap and kill the animals are little different from those developed by the Vikings.

Dolphin drive hunting, also called dolphin drive fishing, is a method of hunting dolphins and occasionally other small cetaceans by driving them together with boats and then usually into a bay or onto a beach.

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The ‘drive hunting’ of dolphins has a long history in the Solomon Islands, specifically at the island of Malaita. Inthe most active village, Fanalei, suspended hunting in exchange for financial compensation from an international non-governmental organization but resumed hunting again in .

A discussion on a new hunting method from the coasts of japans islands called drive hunting
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