A study of the chinese architecture

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China, Cities, Landscape and Architecture

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Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture

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China Study

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Chinese architecture

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Chinese architecture: a style of architecture that took shape in Asia over many centuries. The structural principles have remained largely unchanged, the main changes being only the decorative details. Tamara Dennis (graduate student, Architecture) “I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-week study abroad program in China this past summer and took away new insights about architecture and understandings of other cultural perspectives.

Led by my professors Shiqiao Li and Esther Lorenz, we explored southern China from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Study Chinese art and architecture first hand while exploring a variety of cultural and ethnic regions in China, develop a solid and comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture through the direct observation of its urban and artistic expressions.

Chinese Architecture

Courses fulfill the. Other articles where Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture is discussed: Chinese architecture: The influence of foreign styles: In they founded Zhongguo Yingzao Xueshe (“The Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture”).

The following year Liang Sicheng joined the group; he would be the dominant figure in the movement for the next 30 years.

CHINA : Program Summary

This program will focus on both historical and contemporary cities, towns, landscape, and architecture in China, including the ancient capital city, imperial and scholarly gardens, contemporary public parks and urban social spaces, master-planned communities, urban redevelopment projects, national parks, and architecture.

A garden style city in China by its landscape and culture, neighboring with Shanghai.

A study of the chinese architecture
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