A study of the day in the life of enki

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The Secrets of ‘Enki’—the creator of the human civilization

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Enki & Enlil

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The encouraged kings son is rooted to Eden. Jesus: Love at Work is based on the life and leadership of Jesus. You and your colleagues will learn ways to: You and your colleagues will learn ways to: •. Enki and Ninhursag and the Creation of Life and Sickness The cosmogenic myth common in Sumer was that of the hieros gamos, a sacred marriage where divine principles in the form of dualistic opposites came together as male and female to give birth to the cosmos.

To maintain their longer life cycles on Earth, these astronauts consumed a “Food of Life” and “Water of Life” which were provided from their home planet. Enki, a brilliant scientist as he is, tried to untangle the secrets of life, reproduction, and death on Earth.

Enki is also seen with a lamb in the sumerian tablets which links Enki to the "lamb of god" in the bible and most probably most references to the lamb are actual references to Abel in the Bible. Also there is alot of focus on the fact that "the lamb of god" sacraficed himself for the sins of the world in the bible, hence where we get the term sacrificial lamb from.

Enki in The Atrahasis. The Akkadian/Babylonian story of The Atrahasis (c. 17th century BCE) gives another version of the creation but, still, Enki plays a pivotal role. In this story, the elder gods live a life of leisure and pleasure while making the younger gods do all the work in maintaining creation.

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A study of the day in the life of enki
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The Way: Yahweh, The amalgamated Enlil and Enki | Rev. Dr. Red