An analysis of the modernization of north america in the 1920s

Modernization theory

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The Modernization of America

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Modernization - The nature of modern society: Modernity must be understood, in part at least, against the background of what went before. Industrial society emerged only patchily and unevenly out of agrarian society, a system that had endured 5, years. Flourished in the early s, especially in the north and west Require all students to attend public school Regarding public education, inOregon became the first state to.

- The primary focus is on individuals and their values, attitudes, and beliefs. - the national society is the basic unit of analysis. - modernization theorists are concerned about the. W. E. B. Du Bois on the East St. Louis race riot of In the late s and early s, notably during the "Red Summer" ofdevastating race riots erupted across the nation at a level of mass violence unprecedented in American racial history.

These are all very important steps in laying the foundation for the modernization of America, but I would argue that the first truly modern period in American history would have to be the s brought a capitalistic population who, as a nation, leaned toward isolationism.

An analysis of the modernization of north america in the 1920s
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