An introduction to the history of the philosophical thought

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Introduction to Political Thought

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Ancient Greek Philosophy

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Introduction to the History of Philosophy

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An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (review) Robert Hamerton-Kelly Journal of the History of Philosophy, Volume 7, Number 1, January SophiaOmni 1 Introduction to the Philosophy of History G.W.F. Hegel Introduction The subject of this course of Lectures is the Philosophical History of the World.

Platonic thought was the dominant philosophical force in the time period following Hellenistic thought proper. This article focuses on the reception and reinterpretations of Plato’s thought in Neoplatonism and particularly in its founder, Plotinus.

Philosophy of mind

A History of Western Philosophy is an excellent single-volume history of the progress of western philosophical thought. Dr. Dr. Evans hits all the major players, concentrating on the essentials of each philosopher's contribution to the ongoing discussion.

3 Introduction The goal of this text is to present philosophy to newcomers as a living discipline with historical roots. While a few early chapters are historically organized, my goal in the historical chapters is.


Michael L. Morgan, Fackenheim's Jewish Philosophy: An Introduction, University of Toronto Press,pp., $ (pbk), ISBN Morgan's interest in understanding the link in Fackenheim's thought between the student of Continental philosophy and the Jewish philosopher first.

An introduction to the history of the philosophical thought
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