Analysis of the vessantara jataka and

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Ajanta Caves

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Jataka tales

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Order now -lama visualizes himself as Buddha seated in the middle of four demons. Lama(Buddha) host the demons, then agent who enters into a contract and then as their conqueror.

Vessantara Jataka

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Vessantara was still distributing them when night fell. Then, with his wife and children, who would not be left behind, he spent his last night taking leave of his parents.

The banished family left the city at sunrise in a chariot drawn by four horses. Vessantara knew the children would be fine, so it was okay. (2) He had to give away what was asked of him, otherwise he would not be a proper Buddha-in-the-making.

History. The Jātakas originally amongst the earliest Buddhist literature, with metrical analysis methods dating their average contents to around the 4th century BCE. The Mahāsāṃghika Caitika sects from the Āndhra region took the Jātakas as canonical literature and are known to have rejected some of the Theravāda Jātakas which dated.

Jataka tales are the popular stories based on the life of Buddha. Each tale begins with an introduction where some event or conversation drives the Boddhisatta to recite a relevant story. Usually the story deals with moral themes instructing his disciples to choose a .

Analysis of the vessantara jataka and
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