Civil rule is better than military rule

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Why is Thailand under military rule?

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Thefacts who perished nearly full those who had in all other American newspapers combined. Civilian rule is often better than military rule.

Civilian rule is designed to take a functioning civil body and make it work for the population without the need for much intervention. That intervention is delegated to the local police force.

If the rule reflects a regularly occurring pattern in military history, then it may have profound implications for how Christians approach justice and warfare. Qualifications and Clarifications Before considering how this affects just war reasoning, let’s add a few qualifications and clarifications.

Thus this hybrid civilian-military rule needs to be changed, as the present dual administration mode is confusing and contradictory, with the two elements of government competing with each other, hindering efforts to come up with a unified directive that could be conducive to the whole peace process.

civilian rule is better than military rule because there is freedom and peace in the nation better than when the military was ruling us.

Why worst civilian rule is better than best military rule?

Exits from Military Rule: Lessons for Burma. Author/Editor(s): Zoltan Barany; engagement with the outside world —far better off at the time of their transition than Burma. Therefore, the Burmese generals’ willingness to exit the country’s political stage in the foreseeable future is highly doubtful.

Third, civil disobedience can encourage more than just other civil disobedience; it can encourage a general disrespect for the law, particularly where the law is perceived as being lenient toward certain kinds of offences.

Civil rule is better than military rule
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