Does privacy exist on the internet

Does Online Privacy Exist?

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NSA files show privacy does not exist

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Does Privacy Exist On the Internet?

Internet of Things, Big Data and Jargon, Contextualized Perhaps the only word more abused and used in the tech space than “Internet of Things” is “Big Data.” In itself, Big Data means very little.

The illusion of privacy allows people to do things online, both good and bad, that they wouldn’t do in real life. Occasionally, real life finds out about it. It’s hard to believe that with the current high level of technology specifically in developed countries, online privacy is still weak.

Even though, people are learning about the insecurity of sharing their private information online and paying attention to it; many people are yet unaware of the severe consequences of sharing their information online. Over the last month there has been an unfathomable amount of content published about the massive privacy intrusion that is Facebook Messenger.

With the ability to intrude into the lives of its users in ways that the NSA would never think to, it isn't a surprise that the new download brought such strong opinions - many of which served as recommendations not to download the application.

Does privacy exist on the Internet? No, no–I’m not talking about the recent NSA surveillance scandal. I’m talking about the fact that despite what you might like to believe, nothing you say online is private.

Dr. Joss Wright is a Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), where his current research focuses on analysing Internet censorship and data anonymization. Prior to the OII, Dr. Wright worked at the University of Siegen in Germany examining security and privacy issues in cloud computing.

Does privacy exist on the internet
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