Don t shoot the messenger

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Shoot the Messenger

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36 music festivals in Belgium, 201 You don’t want to miss these!

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Do we firmly want them to have topics?. Belgium is the land of music festivals. From spring until late summer you can attend a music festival every weekend and even more than one in July and August.

Especially Flanders is a bit festival crazy, with even the smallest towns organizing their own festival. Don’t Shoot Messenger Share It Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Copy link Update (September 28, ): Reuters reports that the court has denied the government's request to force Facebook to assist with the wiretap.

We’ve all heard someone say, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” We have sayings like this because delivering bad news is a difficult job. Unfortunately telling people hard things is.

Related to shoot the messenger: Don't shoot the messenger don't shoot the messenger Don't get angry at or punish someone who is simply delivering bad or undesirable news as they are not responsible for it.

The problem with the “bikes are frivolous” attitude isn’t just that it fails to acknowledge the many people who depend on their bikes to run errands or to get to work; it’s also ignores.

Who says that humor is always lost in translation?   Jacob, a klutzy sign language interpreter, fumbles through life in NYC hopelessly lost in translation.

Don t shoot the messenger
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36 music festivals in Belgium, You don't want to miss these!