European exploration as a consequence of the economy in europe

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What Were the Effects of the European Age of Exploration?

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European exploration

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European exploration as a consequence of the economy in europe

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In effect, it allowed for the technological construction of normal borders in a territory where they had never quite existed. Start studying Consequences of The Age of Exploration and Expansion. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

By s, European countries began to dominate the globe with trade and advanced technologies. England, Spain, France and Portugal emerged as the strongest nations in the s and s.

What are the social, political, and economic effects of European expansion?

Spain’s European dominance was ended, and with this collapse went the rapid decline of the empire of Philip II, Spanish mastery of the seas between the New World and Asia, and effective Spanish control over South American colonies.

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Economic and political change became distinct expressions of reality as a result of the Age of Exploration. European contact with the new world was driven by material wealth and the coveting of material prospects which existed in the new lands.

In turn, these larger families created a work force to sustain and grow Europe's new global economy. Of course, as these new markets opened up, European business owners needed a way to deal with.

European exploration as a consequence of the economy in europe
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