General rules that govern biogeochemical cycles

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Carolina Investigations® for AP® Environmental Science: Biogeochemical Cycles

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Biogeochemical cycles allow solids, liquids, and gases to move among different reservoirs on Earth while transferring or transforming energy, often undergoing physical or chemical changes.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed during these cycles, in accordance with the law of energy conservation. Biogeochemical cycles are found everywhere around us.

Many biogeochemical cycles affect our daily lives in many ways. A prime example of one of these cycles is the water cycle.

The constant changing states of water and how it interacts with our environment (both gas, ice, and liquid states). Some key words with the water cycle include condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.

What are some of the general rules that govern biogeochemical cycles, especially the transfer of material? Ans: Some chemical elements, such as oxygen and nitrogen, cycle quickly and are readily regenerated for biological activity.

Introduction to. Biogeochemical Cycles. Chapter 4. All matter cycles it is neither created nor destroyed As the Earth is essentially a closed system with respect to matter, we can say that all matter on Earth cycles.

Biogeochemical cycles: the movement (or cycling) of matter through a system.

General rules that govern biogeochemical cycles
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