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List of former monarchies

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How Do I Acknowledged Resources. Possibly higher via silent manipulation Lifting Strength:. A Knight is one of the most used and important character in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.

Sending your Knight into battle will allow him to gain experience, other than using items. All rules written in here were made and agreed upon by all officers. These rules must be strictly followed at all times. AS A MEMBER OF THIS ALLIANCE, ONE MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH EVERY RULE.

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See UPDATED SALVAGE RULES below. SALVAGING ITEMS MANUALLY and USING THE BOT If you chose to salvage an item, the item will be destroyed and you will receive a certain amount of aetherstones based on the items quality and upgrade.

Lords of Kingdoms is a multiplayer war strategy game. On a land full of war and chaos, you inherited a historic small castle. As a king, you need to build and upgrade a variety of buildings to forge your stronghold, and gradually build up a powerful army to defend your castles, or plunder resources from other lords to speed up the development.

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Kingdoms of camelot rules
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