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America’s Trade Deficit Begins at Home

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Michael Porter

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One considerable family connected with the requirement business, merely in the way of clarity, may be worth using for quite other writers. porter's five forces model Michael E Porter's five forces of competitive position model and diagrams.

Michael Porter's famous Five Forces of Competitive Position model provides a simple perspective for assessing and analysing the competitive strength and position of a corporation or business organization.

Factor Conditions The situation in a country regarding production factors, like skilled labor, infrastructure, etc., which are relevant for competition in particular industries.

Thanks to fear mongering on the US presidential campaign trail, the trade debate and its impact on American workers is being distorted at both ends of the political spectrum.

What the candidates won’t tell voters is that the trade deficit and the pressures it places on hard-pressed middle-class workers stem from domestic policies.


A starship is not an independent entity—no more than a jet plane is independent just because it can leave the ground. Imagine for a moment, a fully loaded jet airliner flying from Los Angeles to New York. what is project method of teaching, meaning, advantages & disadvantages of teaching strategy.

this teaching strategy is experience-centered strategy related to life-situation. Vimal Shah: “Research Design is a plan of study whether controlled or uncontrolled and subjective as well as objective”.

Ackoff: “It is the process of making decisions before the situation arises in which the decisions are to be carried out after for control”. Miller: “Researcher Design is a planned sequence of the entire process involved in the conducting of as research study”.

Michael porters research project on the
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Porters Five Forces Model of Competition