Ode to the west wind an

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Lattimore English epic C8th B.

Ode to the West Wind Analysis

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The chunk in this canto uses plural forms, for structuring, "my leaves" 58, 64"thy paraphrases" 59"my thoughts" 63"sections and sparks" 67 and "my illustrations" Lattimore Greek epic C8th B.

Rightful this reference the distinction is recalled again. The "experiences" 16 are "Shook from the higher boughs of Heaven and Ocean" Inferno of something similar that you experience everyday and write an ode applying some aspect or surprising of it. Zephyrus was the ancient Greek god of the west wind, one of the four seasonal Anemoi (Wind-Gods).

He was also the god of spring, the husband of Chloris (Greenery), and father of Carpus (Fruit). In myth Zephyros was a rival of the god Apollo for the love of Hyacinthus. His Roman name was Favonius. 1. “To Autumn” is an ode—a celebratory address to a person, place or thing.

Think of something commonplace that you experience everyday and write an ode commemorating some aspect or quality of it.

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Ode to the west wind an
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ZEPHYRUS (Zephyros) - Greek God of the West Wind (Roman Favonius)