Physiological demands of the marathon

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Physiology of Long-Distance Swimming

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The Physiology of Marathon Running

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Marathon Runner Requirements

Demands of various positions and individual needs also impact the fitness training activities. The purpose of this study was to assess the physiological demands of a half-marathon race on a group of ten recreational runners (8 men and 2 women).

The average running speed was +/- (mean +/- SD) for the group and this represented 79 +/- 5% VO2 max for these runners. There was a. The marathon demands respect. The physiological and psychological demands are extreme; therefore, you must plan your preparation intelligently and thoroughly.

The aim of the marathon is to maintain a high power output over the official km distance, a feat which requires substantial physical and psychological preparedness (John A. Hawley & Fiona J.

The Physical Demands of Sports:

Spargo, ; McLaughlin, Howley. Therefore, identification of the physiological demands specific to the marathon and triathlon will allow an in-depth analysis of the constraints leading to the variation in performance in these 2 disciplines. Performance in marathon running is influenced by a variety of factors, most of which are of a physiological nature.

Accordingly, the marathon runner must rely to a large extent on a high aerobic capacity. But great variations in maximal oxygen uptake.

The Physiology of Marathon Running Physiological demands of the marathon
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