St anselms of canterbury view on the existence of god

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Ontological argument

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Ontological Arguments

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Anselm Canterbury Cathedral, Library of Congress, ©Detroit Publishing About the author. St. Anselm (), a member of the Bene- of seeking to believe in order to understand the truth and existence of God rather that seeking to understand in order to believe in the truth and exis-tence of God.

Anselm of Canterbury

Even so, St. Anselm. Anselm: Ontological Argument for God's Existence One of the most fascinating arguments for the existence of an all-perfect God is the ontological argument. While there are several different versions of the argument, all purport to show that it is self-contradictory to deny that there exists a.

Anselm of Canterbury (/ ˈ æ n s ɛ l m /) (/), also called Anselm of Aosta (Italian: Anselmo d'Aosta) after his birthplace and Anselm of Bec (French: Anselme du Bec) after his monastery, was a Benedictine monk, abbot, philosopher and theologian of the Catholic Church, who held the office of archbishop of Canterbury from to.

St Thomas Aquinas () and St Anselm of Canterbury () set themselves the task of proving that God exists. Both came up with some ingenious theories. St Anselm started what later became described as the “ontological argument,” which St Thomas Aquinas then took up and developed.

Anselm's "Ontological Argument" Abstract: Anselms's Ontological Argument is stated, and a few standard objections to his argument are listed.

St. Anselm of Canterbury () was a Neoplatonic Realist and was often called "the second Augustine.". The first, and best-known, ontological argument was proposed by St.

Anselm of Canterbury in the 11th. century C.E. In his Proslogion, St. Anselm claims to derive the existence of God from the concept of a being than which no greater can be conceived.

St anselms of canterbury view on the existence of god
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