The assassination of julian assange

Pacifica stands with Wikileaks and Julian Assange

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Bob Beckel Called for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to Be Assassinated

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WikiLeaks: guilty parties 'should face death penalty'

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Julian Assange ‘Assassination’ Claimed After Foiled Ecuadorian Embassy Break-in

The first is that he instead misrepresents the facts in the Swedish dumping against Assange of rape and interesting molestation to the essay that his workshops in making the film are attended into question. Dec 07,  · A Democratic Fox News analyst called for the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Above: Free Assange protest at UK embassy in Washington, DC, June 19, Photo Popular Resistance. More than 20 protests in support of Julian Assange were held around the world on June 18 and 19 calling for freedom for Julian Assange.

Nov 16,  · The media's silence about the treatment of Julian Assange is not only a betrayal of him but a betrayal of the freedom of the press itself.

The vital issue of the rights of a publisher and a free press is ignored in favor of snarky character assassination. Assange was granted asylum in the embassy in to avoid extradition to.

True Pundit personnel, who have served in varying intelligence capacities and agencies for the United States, were floored this morning when combing the Wikileaks database of John Podesta emails. Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in a Feb. 9, email makes reference to an.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are calling for the assassination of Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks, for exposing the corruption and malfeasance within the United States government against the American people and for the collusion with the mainstream media.

At the times of the multiple calls for Assange’s assassination by prominent U.S. figures, Expressen’s culture section wrote by“ Mr Assange inescapable element for .

The assassination of julian assange
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