The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

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Donald Trump Absent from ‘Presidential Candidates’ Google Search

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Political Opponents Caught on Tape

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8 unforgettable presidential debate blunders

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JNUSU election 2018: Candidates battle it out at presidential debate

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The Latest: Senate candidates in Mississippi agree to debate

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US President Donald Trump (R) welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping (L) to the Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, on April 6, Latest news. Presidential Election: Opposition candidates woo diaspora voters.

Two bloggers to appear before judicial police in Douala. Panelists talked about misstatements and blunders of political candidates that became news stories in recent campaigns. Topics included Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “ A Navajo presidential candidate has selected a new running mate after finding out his previous pick was ineligible.

2016 Presidential Election

Joe Shirley Jr. chose Buu Van Nygren, a year-old with a background in. SAO PAULO (AP) — The Latest on Brazilian elections (all times local): p.m. Gerald Alckmin, the former governor of the state of Sao Paulo who came in fourth on Sunday, told well-wishers that he respected the outcome of Sunday’s presidential election.

Vice President Al Gore let out long, heavy sighs before responding to questions throughout his first presidential debate against George W. Bush in — a sign of frustration that many found condescending and some critics count among the factors that led to his defeat.

The blunders of the latest presidential candidates
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