The concept of followership

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Followership/Leadership EPR Bullets

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For that id, embracing this contribution as the baseline for mentoring and promoting it to everyday practice will help problematic. Bullet Statement Format Watch that Format. Anyone who's been through Airman Leadership School knows that bullet statement format is the format required for entries in the AF Form Developing dynamic followership is a discipline.

It is jointly an art and a science requiring skill and conceptualization of roles in innovative ways—one perhaps more essential to mission success than leader development. Without followership, a leader at any level will fail to produce effective institutions.

Power of Followership, The [Robert E. Kelley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Never has the cult of leadership held such sway in business as it does today -but it's The Followers who really get things done.

A provocative guide to the vital new organizational style that puts the power back where it belongs. What is personal effectiveness? It can't just be achieving our goals because we could do so in a very wasteful, time consuming or sloppy way.

How about making best use of our time and all other personal resources at our disposal? The Art of Followership: How Great Followers Create Great Leaders and Organizations [Ronald E. Riggio, Ira Chaleff, Jean Lipman-Blumen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Art of Followership puts dynamic leader-followerinteraction at the forefront of discussion. It examines themultiple roles followers play and their often complex relationshipto leaders. While theory and research on leaders and leadership abound, followers and followership theory have been given short shrift.

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It is accepted wisdom that there is no leadership without followers, yet followers are very often left out of the leadership research equation.

The concept of followership
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