The controversy that surrounded the vietnam war in the us

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Vietnam War

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John Kerry

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The Vietnam War

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Talking Proud

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The United States did not fight alone in the Vietnam-Laos Wars. Six nations and many indigenous peoples from the region fought with her.

One of those was the Republic of Korea (ROK). The Koreans started arriving shortly after the US Marines inthey kept coming, and they stayed and fought until the end, in At their peak, they had. Vietnam War Answer Why were we there? What purpose did it serve the United States to be fighting a war on the opposite side of the earth?

Why were we.

Vietnam War's Battle of Dak To rare footage emerges

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Daringly, Hearts and Minds unflinchingly confronted the US’ involvement in Vietnam at the height of the controversy that surrounded it. This film came out a year before the end of the conflict, trying to win the hearts and minds of viewers over to the anti-war perspective.

War Statistics. Protest and Kent State.

Vaccine controversies

A Letter to the Wall: Kent State Shootings. The Vietnam War was the most unpopular war in American history and spurred many anti-war .

The controversy that surrounded the vietnam war in the us
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