The daily life of a union

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American Civil War

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The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of all 55 countries on the Continent of Africa, extending slightly into geographical Asia via the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, except for territories of European countries located in Africa.

It was established on 26 May in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and launched on 9 July in South Africa. The Union soldiers ate a meger 12oz of pork or 1/2 pound of salted beef, 22oz of bread or "hardtack", various veggies, various fruit and potatos.

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This perennial book features daily meditations, each written by Rohr and adapted or excerpted from his many written and recorded works. The meditations are arranged around seven themes: Methodology: Scripture as validated by experience.

The daily life of a union
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Kids History: Daily Life During the Civil War