The effects of domestic violence

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Effects of domestic violence on children

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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence and other lifetime trauma can have significant mental health consequences.

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Adopt a local family affected by domestic violence or sexual assault this holiday season. The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us, but holiday stress is especially difficult for clients rebuilding lives affected by violence. If a person experiences trauma; specifically that of domestic violence, either directly or vicariously (indirectly) from a young age, they do not properly pass though the appropriate developmental stages.

For more information about the effects of domestic violence on children, call the OWH Helpline at or check out the following resources from other organizations: About the Issue: What is child abuse?

Effects of Domestic Violence

— Fact sheet from the Joyful Heart Foundation. The short-term physical effects of violence can include minor injuries or serious conditions. They can include bruises, cuts, broken bones, or injuries to organs and other parts inside of your body.

Some physical injuries are difficult or impossible to see without scans, x-rays, or other tests done. The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children. How many children witness the abuse of their mothers? Studies show that million children between the ages of are at risk of exposure to domestic violence each year.

U.S. government statistics say that 95% of domestic violence cases involve women victims of male partners. The divisions between these types of domestic abuse are somewhat fluid, but there is a strong differentiation between the various forms of physical abuse and the various types of verbal or nonverbal abuse.

The effects of domestic violence
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Domestic Violence and Abuse: Types, Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Effects