The issue of smoking among teenagers in the united states and china

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Adult Obesity Facts

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Teenagers; Underage Smoking; Teen Smoking Problems.

Cigarette smoking among college students

by JULIE BOEHLKE June 13, Julie Boehlke. While many teens smoke, it is illegal for them to purchase tobacco in most states.

Many teens that get caught smoking on public property, especially school, increase their risk for getting expelled and losing their rights as a student.

The prevalence of frequent cigarette smoking (having smoked on ≥ 20 of the previous 30 days; see Appendix ) among youth living in the United States is presented in Tableand the prevalence of heavy cigarette smoking (smoking at least one-half pack a day; see Appendix ) is presented in Table For both measures of smoking.

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The issue of smoking among teenagers in the united states and china
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CDC - Trends in Current Cigarette Smoking - Smoking & Tobacco Use