The issue of welfare reform

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The Real Welfare Problem

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Welfare reform

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The Real Welfare Problem

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Welfare Reform

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Welfare reform

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Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act

With tax reform in the rearview mirror, the Republican-led House and Senate in have a packed schedule ahead of the midterms, and will attempt to tackle immigration reform, infrastructure.

Welfare Reform: An Analysis of the Issues ISSUE ONE: The Federal Role in Maintaining a Safety Net. Currently, welfare (AFDC) is an entitlement under which funds flow. The winter issue of Pathways examines whether the welfare reform of delivered as intended and whether it’s time to undertake a new round of reform.

Although the welfare reform legislation has produced a number of positive outcomes, there are serious issues facing the th Congress as it prepares to reauthorize the legislation by October.

Like countless earlier attempts at welfare reform, the new law is unlikely to change much. Judging by the experience of states that have already established compulsory training programs and work requirements, it will not save the taxpayer much money.

Reform is certainly necessary across the board, but in the case of SNAP, for instance, it is more an issue of implementation than of the letter of the law. And these programs are dwarfed in costs.

The issue of welfare reform
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What’s New in Child Welfare?