The long tail phenomenon

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Interview: Roland Kupers on Risk for Long-Term Investors

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The Long Tail Phenomenon

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SEO: How to Maximize the Long Tail

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the literature for the tail phenomenon associated with slowly-decaying scattering potentials – long-range poten- tials that approach zero asymptotically (x→ ∞) slower. The anatomy of Long-Tail is characterized by a catastrophic combination of low employee headcount which at times is as low as in double or single digits scattered across long-tail of countries.

This phenomenon is called the Long-Tail HR. The tail should be docked at the third joint, after the caudal fold, so that it fully covers the vulva.

This length should be the same in males and females as some institutions suggest. According to a study in Texas, there is a strong correlation between the length of the tail and the incidence of the prolapses.

Rectal Prolapses in Sheep Feedlots: Incidence, Causes & Costs

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The long tail of marketing also applies to SEO. Image: The long tail of search refers to author Chris Anderson’s concept found in his book, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More.

The long-tail slip effect means that an inadvertent turn will be a slipping turn. This effect is very significant in gliders. It is much less noticeable in typical powered aircraft, but it has important implications for roll stability, as discussed in section 

biography of a not well known gene The long tail phenomenon
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