The reasons why i love to study in the library

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Top 11 Reasons Why Students Drop out of College

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7 Reasons Why Millennials Will Never Stop Loving Libraries

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Why I love big telly ads

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Ten reasons why I love my library

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10 Reasons To Become A Library Addict

Free Books! The obvious reason for why millennials love libraries is the free books. College students can’t always go to the bookstore and buy the books they want to read while they are still paying student loans and other necessities. Kill Your Television - as those poets and philosophers, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin once sang.

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Study and explore the Bible online with free guides for new testament and old testament Bible study. Additional verse and topical resources including devotionals and blogs.

Bible Study

OMG, I love ordering materials. In my area library systems are linked, so holdings can be sent from libraries in quite a few counties right to my own little branch. I can read a review of a book before it’s released, then go to the library site to pre-order it.

As a loyal year-round library user myself, I don’t quite understand why people wait until finals week to go to the library to study, but I can attest that the library is certainly the go. The Bible is an incredible book of history and facts that proves that there is a God that created all things.

Most important of all, the Bible is the Word of God. It contains the mind of God and His will for each one of our lives. That is why the Bible was given to us.

The reasons why i love to study in the library
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