The role of monks in medieval society

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Medieval Friar

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Medieval Monks

Wherein most of the Medieval monks in the Simultaneous monasteries followed, with lost fidelity, the Benedictine rule. To mother God to people and the people to God. Its lifestyle, faith and attitude to God, to each other and to those poor, could teach those of us into their communities a great deal.

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Medieval Friar

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Monks and Nuns had several roles in medival society. They educated children, took in travelers, took care of widows and orphans, not to mention without monastaries all of the knowledge of.

Some monks specialized in writing manuscripts, and they copied such things as the Bible by hand.

What was the role of kings in Medieval Times?

Some monks specialized in the preparation of medical herbal remedies, or in growing the herbs for them. Some tended the sick in special monasteries that had hospital care as part of their mission. Due to their holy behavior and intellectual stature, the Medieval monks were highly praised by the entire society.

The monk became the ideal of the Middle Ages. Every father wanted his son to become one. Even Kings like Carloman of the Franks, Rochis of the Lombards, great statesmen like Cassiodorus, and others, voluntarily became monks. The daily life of a Medieval monk during the Middle Ages centred around the hours.

The Book of Hours was the main prayer book and was divided into eight sections, or hours, that were meant to be read at specific times of the day. Medieval Friars role in society The status of a medieval friar in society was one of a preacher and thus he earned respect for his religions missions.

His preaching activities also acquired importance in the urban centres and it was not uncommon for students educated at.

A medieval monk, just like monks today, was a man who decided to devote his entire life to the worship and praise of God.

The role of monks in medieval society
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Monks and Nuns - Life in the Middle Ages