The roman society permitted abortion in ancient times

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Ancient Rome

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History of abortion

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Click on the links to read the quotations in their context. Socrates recommends a kind of eugenics where certain fetuses should not be allowed to be born or should be killed after birth.

For most of the history of abortion, society has accepted that there is a time period before which it is acceptable to terminate a pregnancy.

Iceland specifies the conditions under which abortion is permitted, including rape, incest, and health of the woman. R. v. Morgentaler which fully legalizes abortion and makes the decision at all. Abortion and the Early Christian Church by F.

J. Roos However, even before the birth of Christ, in Greek and Roman society abortion was commonplace. 1. Christianity developed in a largely pagan society.

In an attempt to understand Christian feelings and attitudes, we first need to observe abortion in its pagan context. In ancient Greece. Abortion, infanticide and child abandonment were permitted under Roman law at the time of Jesus 1. Surprisingly, abortion is never mentioned in the Bible, despite the fact that it has been practiced since ancient times by a variety of means.

The practice of abortion—the termination of a pregnancy—has been known since ancient times. Various methods have been used to perform or attempt an abortion, including the administration of abortifacient herbs, the use of sharpened implements, the application of abdominal pressure, and other techniques.

The Status of Women in Greek, Roman and Jewish Society by Elisabeth M Tetlow from Women and Ministry in the New Testament,Paulist Press, pp 5 - Republised on our website with the necessary permissions Introduction.

The roman society permitted abortion in ancient times
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Abortion and the Early Christian Church