The suspenseful atmosphere in the pelican brief

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If one should compare it to any other score by Horner out there, his thriller scores from the early 90's - The Pelican Brief and Unlawful Entry - are probably its closests siblings.

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Includes reviews, audio clips, track listings, pictures, and other notes about the soundtrack for The Pelican Brief by James Horner.


John Grisham is most famous for writing legal thrillers like T he Pelican Brief and A Time to Kill. Here, he's tried something different and it's a credit to what a good writer he is.

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Here, he's tried something different and it's a credit to what a good writer he is. "The Pelican Brief" is a solid and entertaining (if lengthy) political / newspaper / legal thriller from the director of "All The President's Men".

It keeps its 51%. Reading Road Trip Across the US.

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GAME IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Thanks for playing everyone! Many reviewer’s have hated the metaphorical doors and the other brief glimpses of other lives not pertinent to the lover’s story but I loved these also.

but taught dissection. The writing is suspenseful, and overall this is a good read. Next up.

The Pelican Brief: A Novel The suspenseful atmosphere in the pelican brief
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It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie: