The uniqueness of jesus

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The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

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The Uniqueness Of Jesus

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Introduction: The Uniqueness of Jesus

His Claims Table roughly 5 minutes for each prompt Asking Prompt 1: Perhaps if we did what they believed, we might decide what they achieved. The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus is the unique Son of God in human flesh.

However, some unbelievers, who may or may not believe Jesus existed, do not believe that Jesus was necessarily a wise or a particularly good man. This argument for the uniqueness of Jesus’ filial relation to God based on his use of “Abba” should not however be overplayed.

Introduction: The Uniqueness of Jesus

That Jesus’ relationship to God and his naming God as his. Jesus Christ is the subject of more than Old Testament prophecies. His birth nearly 2, years ago, and events of His life had been foretold by many prophets during a period of 1, years. History confirms that even the smallest detail happened just as predicted.

In what does the uniqueness of Jesus’ filial intimacy with God consist? According to the gospels, the intimacy of this relationship lies in Jesus’ total obedience to God’s will.

Jesus is the. The Uniqueness of Jesus Related Media Objective: The purpose of this lesson is to introduce participants to the concept that Jesus is God in the flesh and that His life, death, and resurrection are actually significant for their lives. A serious study of the Gospels leads to one of three conclusions about Jesus Christ: He was either a liar, a lunatic, or truly Lord.

The uniqueness of jesus
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